Energy Effieciency

Types of Energy Efficiency Projects

Companies wishing to go beyond compliance and are motivated to invest in energy efficiency measures that result in cost-beneficial energy savings may be eligible for EPAP funding in areas that are likely to include:

  • Machinery, compressors, and process equipment.
  • Energy efficient boilers.
  • Energy efficient chillers.
  • In-process modifications.
  • Reduced heat losses and/or waste heat recovery systems.
  • Combined heat and power (CHP).
  • Alternative fuels (less carbon intense).
Eligibility Criteria for Energy Efficiency Projects

Projects for funding should:

  • Provide energy savings with the NPV of the benefits to be >50% of the investment cost.
  • Result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

It should be noted that:

  • Replacing equipment deemed to be at the end of its technical life is not eligible.
  • CHP plants will be assessed case-by-case.  In all cases, the CO2 emissions must be <250g CO2 / kWhe and primary energy savings must be >10%.
  • For alternative fuels, there should be >5% thermal substitution of fossil fuels. 
  • Treatment, processing, and preparation of alternative fuels at waste collection facilities can be eligible.