Resource Efficiency

Types of Resource Efficiency/Circular Economy Projects

For companies wishing to improve resource efficiency to reach, or go beyond environmental compliance, the following types of projects can be considered:

  • Industrial waste recycling (e.g., plastics, acrylics).
  • Waste reuse (e.g., vinasse recovery, alternative fuels).
  • Wastewater recycling and reuse (e.g., recycle treated wastewater, treat/reuse municipal sewage for industrial process).
  • Recovery and reuse of raw materials (e.g., paper fibre, solvents, ammonia).
  • Process optimisation to reduce resource usage.
  • Technical innovation to use less resources or extend product shelf life.
Eligibility Criteria for Resource Efficiency Projects

Projects for funding should:

  • Comply with BAT measures/emission values.
  • Meet relevant sector performance benchmarks.
  • Result in a reduction of resource use.
  • Be implemented in environmentally compliant industrial establishments.
  • Implemented in an industrial facility operating for >2 years.
  • Production increases should not exceed 10% of design capacity and