Sub Project Process

  1. Applicant submits completed application form to the Program Management Unit (PMU) at Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).
  2. Applicant submits a “Credit Worthiness Certificate” for the loan value of the project from National Bank of Egypt or any participating bank.
  3. PMU provides a preliminary approval for the project if it meets eligibility conditions.
  4. Preparation of the environmental feasibility study (in accordance with EPAP III guidelines), CAP and EIA by the Applicant to start within 15 days after receiving PMU preliminary approval.
  5. After receiving PMU approval of the technical studies, Applicant to prepare bid documents including technical specifications based on the environmental feasibility study.
  6. During the preparation of the bid document, detailed financial terms and conditions shall be agreed between the loan recipient and the selected EPAP III bank.
  7. Applicant to issue the bid, receive offers, prepare bid evaluation report and award the contract to the lowest technically acceptable bidder according to EPAP III procurement procedures.  Copies of the bid document and bid evaluation report (including bid offers) shall be sent to the PMU for no objection.
  8. The loan agreement with National Bank of Egypt or one of the participating banks and the Technical Agreement with EEAA are prepared and finalized.
  9. Loan recipient signs contract with awarded supplier.
  10. PMU and the selected EPAP III bank will monitor and evaluate project implementation and ensure financial disbursement.
  11. Enterprises to self-monitor project emissions for 12 months after project commissioning and report results quarterly to the PMU. Agreed project performance data before and after implementation to be provided to the PMU.
  12. Verification monitoring will be undertaken quarterly by EEAA to ensure industrial enterprises are meeting their commitments under the signed Technical Agreement.
  13. Following four successive quarters of proven performance, EEAA will issue a compliance certificate that allows the selected EPAP III bank to release the grant.